Studio Valkea is a concept studio by Michelle Site and Milja Emilia. We met at DesignMarch in Reykjavík in 2015 and continue to explore the world together with our travels and collaborative projects. Our studio is where we experiment with research, design and sensory details discovered through shared curiosities, trips and our friendship.

In a time of digital omnipresence, we care very much about working in the physical world. Our work focuses on the human senses and material detail.

Michelle Site (US) is a conceptual designer and writer based in Stavanger, Norway. Her research-driven work explores design, poetry, psychology and natural materials. She earned her BSc Biology at Brown University and her MA Design at Iceland University of the Arts.

Milja Emilia Korpela (FIN) is a multidisciplinary graphic designer specialised in packaging and strategic brand design. After earning her BA at Lahti Institute of Design in Finland and working for five years in Iceland, she is currently based in Paris.

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